Fine art prints by Lisa Perhat with metallic gold accents.
Choose from two luxurious paper styles for your fine art prints

Apart from the traditional matte fine art paper, I have also included the option for printing your chosen art on a special pearl fine art paper that gives some extra gorgeousness... Many of my photographic artworks feature metallic gold details which are accentuated so beautifully when printed on this shimmery paper.

Each photographic art print now has two paper style options:
matte - classic, timeless finish.
pearl - sumptuous, warm shimmery glow.

These luxe papers are quality crafted by Hahnemühle and make the perfect choice for both colour, as well as B&W artworks.


MATTEHahnemühle Photo Rag | 308 gsm
is a premium traditional fine art paper that is heavy weight, with a slightly textured surface. It gives a classic vintage feel to your photographic art. Features beautiful silky natural white tones and offers the highest quality in archival standards.

PEARL: Hahnemühle Photo Rag Metallic | 340 gsm
an exceptional, deluxe quality heavy weight fine art paper (one that only Hahnemühle could craft). Your photographic art will have warm pearlescent tones. Prints have a subtle shimmery glow, light texture and a sumptuous feel. Offers a truly special finish. Exceeds the most exacting requirements in terms of age resistance.

All limited editions are of only 100 of each and personally hand signed & numbered by me... Lovingly made in a professional Print Studio in Australia.


Lisa x